Life made limitless by Trang Vu

How long have you been working at iLOQ?
I joined iLOQ 5 months ago from Nokia, where I worked for over 2 decades.

What does your job include?
I am heading iLOQ Sourcing – my team is responsible for ensuring end-product availability to be delivered to our customers.

What is your favorite part of the job?
I am surrounded by amazing colleagues, with whom I am solving interesting problems on a daily basis, it’s full-on rock and roll!

“Life made limitless” is iLOQ’s new brand promise. Can you tell a concrete example of your own work – a story that brings this to life?

Over 35 years ago, I and my family escaped from Vietnam as boat refugees. We started our journey to the unknown. At that time, we only had each other with the hope of surviving and reaching freedom. We ended up in a Hong Kong refugee camp and, from there, we were selected to the best place in the world: Finland. Currently, I am part of the iLOQ Family, the industry-leading innovator of patented energy-harvesting technology. This is what life made limitless means for me. At iLOQ, we are, and have been, operating in a very challenging environment due to world conditions shown in the past few years. We have been bringing “life made limitless” to life by showing the power of iLOQ’s people. It’s simply about us as individuals from different cultures, genders, experience backgrounds, and ages working together as a team and overcoming all challenges in front of us.

Thinking about the whole company, how do you see “Life made limitless” is part of the employee experience?

At iLOQ, we all have the same opportunity to grow and succeed.

Where do you think the “Life made limitless” attitude is taking you (or iLOQ in general) next?

For me, life made limitless sets the bar high and pushes me to my limits just to demonstrate that there are no limits. It is said that it always seems to be impossible until it’s done. We must remember that the only limits in life are the ones we make.

Thinking about potential recruits and why they should apply for an open position, what would be your top 3 reasons for joining iLOQ? 

I strongly believe that the best employees are the ones who are passionate, caring, and proud of what they are doing. This requires ‘Triple-W’ elements:

Wellbeing – it all starts with you and your well-being. Without that you have nothing – we, at iLOQ, care and are committed to supporting your wellbeing.

Work / life balance – Secondly, your life must contain more than work. If it’s only work, then it won’t last.

Wonderful co-workers, who are there to rock with you no matter what.

At iLOQ, we do our best to support and maintain these for each employee.

Looking at the upcoming 20th anniversary of iLOQ, what would you like to write in an anniversary card?

Congratulations and enjoy being limitless!

Can you tell something about the ongoing sustainable collaborations at iLOQ?
What has been the most exciting collaboration?

ilOQ is growing fast and, for that reason, we in Sourcing are looking for a new manufacturing partner. We value sustainability in our projects, and we think sustainability is more than just CO2 emissions. It’s about a complete manufacturing chain including a lot of elements that enable the definition of sustainability. To be sustainable, our partners must have long-lasting solutions that enable the scalability and flexibility to serve iLOQ’s demands. Through these projects, we have recognized the wider context of the sustainability definition, and this is a truly exciting journey that develops continually.

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