iLOQ Careers

Be a part of the smart and modern locking industry.

iLOQ Careers

We are changing the game. Are you our next key player?

Join us if you share the same passion to make things happen and want to join a team of innovators who are helping make the world a safer and yet more accessible place.

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Unlock your potential

iLOQ was founded by one man with a dream; a dream of providing easier and more secure access to living and working spaces. Our company has developed from one man into a team of over 300 dedicated employees who all share the same vision. At iLOQ, everyone has a voice, and innovation and creativity are encouraged. We focus on educating and developing our employees so that we can push the boundaries of innovation and design new technology and create better solutions that offer outstanding added value for our customers.

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Life made limitless

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Be the next chapter in our success story

iLOQ is the leading innovator in self-powered digital and mobile access management. We provide smart locking and secure access to buildings and spaces we use daily and cater to the needs of industry and the utility sector with mobile and digital solutions for efficient access sharing and management.

Using patented technology and software, we have developed a strong portfolio of safe and sustainable products designed to make life easier. And, as we take advantage of all that the digital age has to offer, the potential for further development is unlimited, giving you the chance to be part of the next chapter in our success story.

Our Culture

How we maintain a positive team with a family spirit


We are the market and technology leader in digital access management

By combining above-industry standard safety requirements with game-changing technological and sustainable solutions, we have a unique opportunity to create a disruptive growth brand.


Making life accessible

Our goal is to continue to develop innovative digital locking and mobile access solutions that offer people, businesses and organizations freedom from the security risks, inflexibility and high lifecycle costs related to mechanical locks and keys. Our battery-free solutions not only minimize maintenance costs but also reduce environmental impact by annually saving 100,000 kg of battery waste.

Our Values

We base our business on sustainability, respect and results

We conserve the environment by minimizing battery waste and maximizing reusability. We build trust by being open, honest and fair. We do excellent business by being efficient at everything we do.

We believe in people

Our success is founded on competent people with a passion to make things happen. We support collective responsibility by encouraging individuals to think like entrepreneurs.

We are changing the game

We provide only unbeatable solutions and services that add real value to our customers and partners.

We challenge conventional thinking

By questioning the status quo and arguing about the future, we ensure our continuing ability to innovate revolutionary solutions.

Get to know us

Krista Huttu,

Business Excellence Specialist

Working in Business development allows me to work on several interesting topics and cooperate with colleagues from all functions. Currently, my job consists of Sustainable Development, developing product quality related processes and developing tools for business processes. iLOQ offers excellent opportunities to grow as a professional and an inspirational working culture. Appreciating responsibility and entrepreneurship are important values for iLOQ, which inspire my day-to-day work to contribute in iLOQ success.


Location Finland

iLOQ employee Mauri Arvola

Mauri Arvola,

Mechanical Engineering Specialist

I work in product development which includes designing, improving and brainstorming new products. I can use my creativity in my work as I improve our products whilst also keeping the end user in mind. My team keeps me motivated and we have a shared passion for this. Here in iLOQ we have great entrepreneurial thinking that is the core of our business. We don’t get stuck in old ways, but try to look for new, better ways.


Location Finland

Trang Vu,

Sourcing Director

My Sourcing team is leading sustainable collaboration with our partners in ensuring our supply capability. I love the dynamic and energetic culture we have, a lot of things can be achieved in short time. Despite of the dynamic beat we have cozy community, which creates a great environment to innovate. At work and outside work I believe very much in people, people are the heart of every company. Alone we can do so little, together we can rock the world and @ iLOQ we are indeed rocking!

Location Finland

Why work with us

Make a difference by joining us on our journey to make life accessible and enjoy what iLOQ has to offer for you.

iLOQ Family

When you join iLOQ, you also join the iLOQ Family. In iLOQ, we work hard, we support and respect each other and we celebrate our successes together. Well-being at work is taken seriously and a good work/home life balance is promoted. 

Industry leader

iLOQ is leading the way in digital locking and mobile access sharing solutions. As a company, we push the boundaries of innovation every day. Our employees are very much part of this journey. We provide the tools and support to ensure all members of the iLOQ Family excel in their work and contribute to the ongoing success and growth of the company.

Continuous learning

In iLOQ, an entrepreneurial attitude and continuous learning are encouraged. From a comprehensive onboarding process to ongoing training and development programs, iLOQ ensures employees are well-prepared for their everyday work and for their future success in the company.


iLOQ rewards its employees well; both in terms of a competitive salary and benefits package and also by creating a positive culture where everyone feels fulfilled and motivated to perform at their very best. Due to our flat hierarchy, our employees are empowered to use their initiative to achieve personal and strategic goals.

Apply for our open positions

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