Be a part of the smart and modern locking industry

iLOQ is your key to a rewarding future. You share the passion to make things happen and want to join a team of innovators who are helping make the world a safer and yet more accessible place.

Unlock your potential

iLOQ was founded by one man with a dream; a dream of providing easier and more secure access to living and working spaces. Our company has developed from one man into a team of over 100 dedicated employees who all share the same vision.

At iLOQ, everyone has a voice. Innovation and creativity are encouraged. We focus on educating and developing our employees so that we can push the boundaries of innovation and design new technology and create better solutions that offer outstanding added value for our customers.

Be the next chapter in our success story

iLOQ is the leading innovator in self-powered digital and mobile access management. We provide smart locking and secure access to buildings and spaces we use daily, and cater to the needs of industry and the utility sector with mobile and digital solutions for efficient access sharing and management.

Using patented technology and software, we have developed a strong portfolio of safe and sustainable products designed to make life easier. And, as we take advantage of all that the digital age has to offer, the potential for further development is unlimited, giving you the chance to be part of the next chapter in our success story.

Unlocking summer potential

Summer is almost here and so are the iLOQ summer trainees. Read here

Our people – the best promoters of our image

People usually think that creating a company’s image or employer branding is something handled by the marketing department with big budget campaigns or an active presence in the media. When, in fact, whatever role we have in the company, we all have an impact on its culture and image.

Building iLOQ’s employer brand began with in-depth strategic work about three years ago where we defined who we are, where we want to go, what we want to accomplish and how. Growth is a very clear objective in our strategy, and this comes from attracting and retaining the best possible employees. At iLOQ, we want our recruitment process to be a success story for both the company and our employees. As such, our human resources department plays a key role in defining core competences, finding the right people, educating them, creating the company culture and team spirit and building an interesting employer image. We have excellent applicants in every open position due to the clear definition of roles and preferred qualities, and our onboarding process begins immediately.

iLOQ Days, an essential part of our onboarding process, is a 3-day event held regularly to welcome our new employees. About twenty new ‘iLOQians’ joined the most recent event. From the very beginning the iLOQ family feeling was created, and people from different countries and with different responsibilities bonded immediately and felt like they all had an important role.

Each training session taught something new and exciting and our values were highlighted: how we are changing the game in the locking industry thanks to our unique digital technology, how we challenge convention, and how we believe in people and base everything on sustainability, respect and results. The presentation of our potential market share showed how are we going to conquer the world. And the team building event in the evening reinforced the team spirit and the feeling of belonging to the iLOQ family.

The goal of our recruitment process, onboarding and iLOQ Days has been and will always be to provide continual support in our daily working lives and ensure that employees have a long and successful career with iLOQ.